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Washington Marijuana Law I502

After the historic passage of Wa I - 502 legalizing recreational Marijuana use, the Marijuana Dispensaries phones in Washington were flying off their hooks.  Marijuana patients have concerns if the new law effects Medical Cannabis Patients in the state of Washington.  The general public is full of questions too.

Everyone is anticipating the effects on the passage of Washington I-502.  If you want to read the full 64 page   Wa I502 Initiative  you'll be able to understand that it's a very complicated set of rules and regulations that regulates recreational Marijuana use.

Legalization of Marijuana would have meant that it would not be classified as a drug or controlled substance, but rather returned to natural plant status, appreciated as the Creator's gift to us as a natural plant with hundreds of important uses and health benefits.  But then it's really all about money, isn't it?  If you could buy Marijuana online or walk into the produce section at your local supermarket, the price would be on the same level as any other agricultural crop, maybe even lower.  It's the prohibition of Marijuana that keeps the prices high.

Is Cannabis expensive now?  Wait until the three tiered tax syste is created, where it would be taxed at 25% at production, distribution and point of sale levels.  Washington state anticipates making millions from Cannabis.  My personal predicition is that Recreational Marijuana will cost two to three times more than Medical Marijuana.  Time will tell.

Washington state wants your Cannabis business!

If you're considering recreational use of Marijuana in Washington, these are the current laws.

First time ever Washington State Marijuana Industry Professional position.  Washington state seeking  Marijuana Licensing and Regulatory Manager  Do you wonder if they will allow special smoke breaks?   Maybe  Vaporizers?

Wa Pot Industry Hashing Out Details

Legislative Action Center



Legalizing Marijuana FAQ's  ( compiled from Seattle Police Blotter and Rainier Wellness Center)

Wa I502 doesn't change Washington Medical Cannabis laws per RCW 69.51a. for  Medical Marijuana patients  and current Marijuana card holders.

Washington has legalized recreational use of Marijuana, thus creating two separate laws related to the use of cannabis.  One set of laws for Medical Marijuana and another set of laws for Recreational Marijuana.  The rules for Medical Cannabis Patients have not changed.  The concern many have is if the state also takes measures to force Medical Cannabis to be purchased only through the state approved, licensed, controlled stores.

Frequently Asked Questions:

     *  When can adults, 21 and over, legally possess and use recreational marijuana in Washington?
Effective December 6, 2012, adults age 21 and over in Washington state, can no longer be arrested, under state law, for possessing limited amounts of marijuana.  In fact, there were more than 200 pending cases near Seattle that were dropped when the initiave passed.  Seattle Police Department has issued a  Guideline To Legal Marijuana Use In Seattle

     *  How much marijuana can adults legally possess under I-502?
Under Washington law, adults can possess 1 oz. of useable marijuana, 16 oz. of marijuana infused product in solid form, and 72 oz. of marijuana-infused product in liquid form.

     *  Can Recreational Marijuana users grow marijuana at home?
No.   Unless you are an authorized medical marijuana patient under Washington law, home growing is not allowed.

     *  When can marijuana retail outlets sell marijuana?
The Washington State Liquor Control Board, Department of Agriculture, and Department of Health will have until December 1, 2013 to complete rule making that will create a system to license and regulate the production, processing, and sale of marijuana.  Commercial businesses can be set up after rule making is complete and once a license is obtained.  There is more complete information in the 64 pages  Wa I502 Initiative.

     *  Where will stores be located?
Licenses will authorize stand alone marijuana businesses, with similar restrictions to the old state liquor stores.  Marijuana stores must be located at least 1,000 feet away from schools and parks.  The number of marijuana store licenses will also be determined in state rule making.

     *  Does I-502 change Washington's Medical Marijuana law?
No.  Washington;s Medical Use of Cannabis Act remains unchanged.  You can still visit your local collective garden or dispensary access point to gain access to Medical Cannabis.

     *  Can marijuana be used in public?
It will remain unlawful under Washington law to use Marijuana in public.  Similar to a traffic offense, violations will result in a civil infraction bringing a fine but not arrest and will be low on the law enforcement agenda.

     *  Can a prospective employee still be drug tested for Marijuana when applying for a job?
I-502 does not change Washington state employment law, which allows for employment drug testing in some situations.

     *  How do the DUI  (driving under the influence)   provisions work under I-502?
I-502 creates a standard for marijuana impairment while driving, similar to the .08 cut-off for alcohol.   The DUI provisions focus on active THC in one's system that could impair a driver and not inactive marijuana metabolites that do not cause impairment.  As is currently the law, an officer will need to have probable cause for an arrest and reasonable grounds to believe a driver is impaired before requiring a breath or blood test, and he must have a warrant to search your car, unless you give consent.  Nor does it change the fact that blood tests can only be administered by medical professionals.

     *  How will the federal government respond to I-502?
Proponents of the new law look forward to working with federal officials in a spirit of collaboration and cooperation to ensure that it is fairly implemented.  The law's tightly regulated system will improve public safety and increase respect for law enforcement.  We hope that federal officials will respect the will of our state'ss voters and not enforce federal laws against Washington residents who are obeying state law.

     *  When does I-502 take effect?

Here is a summary of important dates for implementation of I-502:
     *  December 6th, 2012:  Initiative 502 goes into effect.  On this date it will be legal for adults 21 and over to possess limited amounts of marijuana, as noted above.  Under Washington law I-502, driving Under the Influence provisions will also take effect.

     *  December 1st, 2013:  Rule making Must Be Completed.  The Washington State Liquor Control Board, Department of Agriculture, and Department of Health must conduct rule making as specified by I-502 to set up a system to license and regulate the production, processing, and sale of marijuana.  No commercial business can be set up until rule making is complete and licenses are obtained.  Forward thinking businesses will be planning ahead.

     *  September 1st, 2015:  Evaluation by The Washington State Institute for Public Policy must provide legislature with a preliminary evaluation and recommendations regarding the cost-benefit outcomes of I-502.  Additional evaluations will be produced in 2017, 2022, and 2032.

     *  TBD:  Tax Rate Adjustment Recommendations The Washington State Liquor Control Board shall review I-502 tax levels and make recommendations to the legislature regarding adjustments that would further the goal of discouraging use while undercutting illegal market prices.  I'm curious how that will be possible, considering there are three levels of taxes of 25% each, plus permits, licenses, fees, inspections fines and other associated red tape.

All reasonable people will want to keep track of any changing laws to Recreational use of Marijuana.  If you have heard of any laws changing on any level, or failure of law enforcement to respect the law, please consider sharing your information by submitting a comment below.

Heard of any new Washington Marijuana Laws?

If you've heard of any local or Wa state laws that have changed, please share with all visitors.

Like a Gunshot blast!

"I think people need to be educated to the fact that marijuana is not a drug.
Marijuana is an herb and a flower.  God put it here.  If He put it here and He wants it to grow,
what gives the government the right to say that God is wrong?   Willie Nelson quote on Marijuana."

Self Help How To Win In Court  If you find yourself in a legal pickle, you can defend yourself and win.  The information and techniques work for any situation.  Defend yourself and save thousands of dollars!  Who can represent your interests better than youself?

NOTE:  Several things are clear:

     *   Washington state wants a prosperous Pot Industry
     *   We already have a successful Medical Marijuana Industry
     *   The citizens demand, and have won, recreational use of pot
     *   The use of Marijuana cat is out of the bag
     *   If you're going to be a player and navigagte the obstacles you can pay for legal help or get the best  Self Help possible

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Medical Marijuana has been legal in numerous states within the united States for many years and recreational use of Marijuana is now legal in Washington and Colorado, since winning by initiative November 6, 2012.  The federal government of the united States still considers Marijuana a controlled substance and illegal in all states.  Laws change continuously and our intention is to stay abreast of all appropriate laws and provide a compilation of information for novelty purposes only, we do not intend to persuade, induce, intimate or condone anyone breaking any laws, nor does this information pertain to any other substance than Marijuana.

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