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"Behold - I have given you every herb bearing seed

which is upon the face of the Earth and every tree,

in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed;

                                            to you it shall be for meat."   Genesis 1:29

A World Of Cannabis
God is perfect, Man is not.
Man made wiskey, God made pot.

Hand Hewn Log Home

Fascinated With The Warmth & Appeal

Rustically Elegant Hand Crafted Log Homes

Reflect Pioneering Traditions, Pride, Craftsmanship

                        A Home Of Dignified Porportions ~ a choice you can live with!

NOTE:  This property is not currently a Cannabis Lodge, we do not sell or grow Cannabis,
This property offers many different possibilities including potential for a Cannabis related business
Washington legalized personal use of Cannabis and also has Medical Marijuana

Just 12 miles outside of SmallTown USA
on privately maintained dead end road, Goldendale, Washington

During this age of modern technology with all of the wonderful things that simplify our lives, something magnificent has been lost...and not quite missed.

The pride of craftsmanship.  You recognize it when you see it.

Doesn't everyone dream of a log home?  People are fascinated with the warmth and appeal ofa log home and are eager to be part of the rich pioneer tradition of high quality, custom built American products.

Log homes have a mystical aura and a quiet dignity that brings a sparkle to your eyes, and lets your imagination soar with the realization that pride, respect and craftsmanship still exist in the American market place.

     Log home building is indeed such a
     tradition appropriately refelcted in the
     pioneer spirit and American heritage of
     log homes.

     This trade and tradition practiced
     meticlously for centuries nearly died in
     the beginning of the 20th century, with
     the mass production psychology that
     replaced art and refined craft of quality
     home construction.

     Thankfully a certain core of our
     population is rebelling against mass
     production, plastication, cheap housing
     and the sterilization of the American environment.

This remnant core of people are slowly being rewarded for their patience and preserverance.  Log homes define a commitment to all of you who are simply not willing to settle for anything but the finest.

This uncompromising tradition of quality and craftsmanship creates homes of distinction and offers a most satisfying protest against mediocrity.

Is This Your Dream?

Boasting an impressive 20 acre site, all usable, forested with pines in the front and back for privacy with breathtaking views of Mt Hood, Mt Adams, The Simcoes, Western sunsets, fantastic sunrises.

The property is designed to be self sufficient.  Off Grid, the 4,300 +/- sq ft hand crafted log home offers every amenity required in a dream home of dignified proportions and rural surroundings.  Truly the ultimate for the discriminating home owner near unlimited recreational opportunities.

The property is fenced and cross fenced for security and located near the end of a dead end, maintained, gravel road, just 1.5 miles to a well maintained paved county road.

No pesticides or toxic chemicals have been used on the property for at least 10 years, Organic Certifications would not be difficult.

About The Area

People still wave at you, and still no traffic signals.

The work ethic is strong and cowboys still show up at local restaurants wearing their spurs.

The twice yearly traffic jams may inconvenience you 15 minutes or so while families herd their cattle, on horses with herding dogs, to the lush high country spring grass and another 15 minute traffic jam as they are rounded up and herded home in the fall.

It's very common on our street to meet a neighbor while driving, stop the car, kill the engine and talk, there is no traffic.  Remote feeling yet as friendly as you want to be.

One thing great about a small town is everyone soon know you and you can run into just about everyone at the Post Office, gas station or the feed store.

Goldendale, Wa is in the Columbia River Gorge area at the base of the Simcoe mountains, where the wet, rainy west meets the moderate, sunny  (300 days yearly)  central part of the state.  Goldendale is a town with less than 4,000 population and may not have everything you want, but it has everything you need, not the least of which is tranquility!

We enjoy the undulating fields of alfalfa, rodeos, grass fed cattle and bison ranches, nearby wineries, mouth-watering fruit, outdoor concerts, world-class fishing, birding, hiking, a noted observatory, horse trails, rock climbing, petroglyphs, wind surfing, skiing, snow-mobiling, golf, organic foods and more horses than people!

About midway in the driveway facing South West

5' No Climb Horse Fence lines both side of driveway terminating at gated pastures on each side.  Driveway continues to circle around apple orchard to shop/barn, toward house before completing the circle.

Plenty of room and easy access for an indoor riding arena to enjoy out-the-driveway-and-to-the-hills-riding or create an equine breeding or training facility.

Soaring Hand Crafted Rumford Radiant Fireplace.  Cultured and local stone
Two howling wolf air intakes, massive hand hewn 8' wide mantle (supporting 500 lbs of men)  stone hearth plus European style clay Bakeoven (Photo below right)!  Life size cast Metal Bison Tribute on ceramic & slate background.

The type of person interested in this property would be someone who also appreciates and respects nature.  Their energies may be devoted to a civilized Rustically Elegant home that boasts four distinct seasons, yet is only about 2 hours to Portland International Airport.

There could be a need for an onsite business operation, or for a home with Multigenerational capability  (Nanny, family, business conference, hobby, classes) this portion is framed but not finished.

It offers a seperate access suite which consists of laundry, bath, kitchenette, bedroom, spacious living room.

Below is the Conference/home theatre with planned wet bar, framed to dry in stage + 10 x 24 west facing sun room, canning, study or herb room.

Construction Details

   *  4,300 +/- sq ft heavy timbered logs are 6" x 14" and hand hewn
   *  6" x 14" hand hewn logs (hand stained interior & exterior)
   *  6" x 10" hand hewn rafters and collar beams
   *  2" x 6" T & G pine ceilings
   *  Super insulated roof 14" structural insulated panels w metal roof, far surpasses all codes,          home stays cool in summer and warm in winter
   *  10" structural insulated panel subfloor
   *  Radiant floor heating main portion
   *  Spacious insulated & vented crawl space, would make excellent root cellar or storage

Unique Features

   *  Desgined with Feng Shui principles & favorable wind, energy & view orientations
   *  50 x 50 Medicine wheel garden with pickett fence & Mt Hood View through arbor
   *  Hi tech control center
   *  Entire home  "smart"  wired rough in  (multiple phones, data, network, security)
   *  Hi speed, wireless internet access, the only one on this street, with 14 mile line of site access
   *  Old fashioned large root cellar, dug but not finished
   *  4' wide hand hewn stairs for easy furniture moving
   *  8' wide front stairs
   *  8' wide rear deck stairs
   *  8" wide custom, natural wood window sills
   *  Property fenced & cross fenced with 5' no climb horse fence, 6' no climb with rail road ties for
         stallion area
   *  24' x 48' shop/barn with 10' side extensions for storage or horses
   *  24' x 36' upstairs of shop/barm has  "care taker"  quarters, gas hook up, full bath, kitchen area
   *  Excellent water well with ingenious water management system, 1,000 gallon holding tank, no
        filter, just sweet, delicious water

Interior Features

   *  Large loft with log posts, T & G ceiling, log rafters & collar beams
   *  Master suite with exquisite  "two person"   imported marble shower with dual shower controls
   *  Jacuzzi whirlpool tub
   *  Spacious view kitchen with 8' of windows with Western exposure & forest views
   *  Dual pane, low E, grid windows
   *  Oversize kitchen island, breakfast bar & oversize counters, 8' wall of west facing windows
   *  No toxic chemicals, interior clay plaster, clay or milk paint only, NO VOCs

Exterior Features

   *  Impressive gable roof entry, open web log truss, covered porch with massive chandalier
   *  8 x 56 covered front hand hewn log porch with log rafters, adjustable log posts
   *  2 x 6 T & G pine ceilings on the entire covered porch
   *  8 x 48' wrap around southern exposure covered porch & deck
   *  8 x 56' Western exposure deck, including 16 x 16 section overlooking views & forest
     16' 16' wooden green house with plenty of glaas and perfect sun exposure
   *  12 x 8' covered Gable log roof off off dining room, Western exposure


     Primary home
     Home Business
     Culinary Classes
     Vacation get away
     Family Estate & Legacy
     Multi-generation capability
     Corporate retreat
     Eco Tourism
     Natural Healing Center, Rehab or Spa
     Equine breeding, boarding, training facility
     Small farm, vineyard, herbs, heritage livestock
     B & B
     Cannabis Eco Retreat potential is awesome, what a location, private, gorgeous and in Washington state,
     let your imagination soar

     Excellent private location for a Washington Cannabis Cup
     You can read about the Washington Marijuana laws  here.

NOTE:  Several things are clear:

     *   Washington and Colorado want a prosperous Pot Industry
     *   Other states are gearing up for pot initiatives
     *   There will be many new Marijuana business opportunities
     *   The Marijuana Industry will help some economies skyrocket
     *   We already have a successful Medical Marijuana Industry
     *   The citizens demand, and have won, recreational use of pot
     *   The use of Marijuana cat is out of the bag
     *   If you're going to be a player and navigagte the obstacles you can pay for legal help or get the best  Self Help possible

Garden In Summer

     Lifestyle Changes

     I've finally started listening to my body
     and realize that it's been screaming at
     me for sometime.

     I have been so busy with other things
     and our Non Profit Rescue/Sanctuary
     that I've not taken the time to tune into
     my own body and the broadcast that
     it's been repeating over and over.

     Now is the time for me to make some
     dynamic life style changes, to slow
down the pace, stop burning that candle and look more at the quality of life in connection to my body than to look at how much work I can push through in a day.  Even computers have their limits on how much they can multiprocss.

Garden In Winter

     Dreams change as lives change, so
     rather than spend my sacred energy to
     finish this project I'd like to be wiggling
     my toes in the sand this time next year
     and be sitting around a Shamanic
     Healing Circle.

     And so my dream will pass to someone
     else to be their dream and for their

Suggested Improvements

   *  underground Wine Cellar
   *  16'x 48' Gazebo Garden Structure &         Greenhouse south of home
   *  Indoor horse arena
   *  Continue deck & porch North side
   *  Outdoor Jacuzzi
   *  Outdoor Log Sauna
   *  Exterior balcony & stairs for separate
      upstairs access North side
   *  Meandering slate or stone paths to
      arbor pastures

Completion Needs

The main portion of home needs some finishing such as interior touches, flooring, counter tops, professional kitchen range, some paint, closet furniture/doors, baseboard, window trim.   Nothing beyond the average ability of any handy homeowner.  Exterior needs some 2nd story siding, fascia, some window trim.

Attached, but potentially separate, conference/rec room & upstairs suite needs to be finished, it is to the dried in stage.  Handy folks could easily finsih project.

Property would benefit from expanded photovoltaics & batteries storage.  Hooking to the grid at the street is another option.  

Terms And Conditions

For Sale below replacement cost and assessed value:  $495,000.

Replacement costs today, for this location including improvements about $763,120, finished listing price would realistically be in the neighborhood of $1,200,000, this type of property appreciates due to:

   *  superior construction
   *  uniqueness
   *  scarcity
   *  multi generational capability
   *  self sustainable
   *  capable of food production or small farm
   *  Columbia Gorge area location, locantion, location

Cash is a great motivator, will also consider foreign or domestic, improved or unimproved property as partial exchange plus cash.

This type of property can easily handle a world class horse facility or eco tourism venture.

No chemical pesticides, insecticides or other chemicals have touched this ground for the last 10 years, only natural herbal remedies and chemical free compost from goats, chickens, llamas, horses.. Would easily qualify for the most stringent organic or Biodynamic certifications.

Many herbs quickly grow to 4'.  I've been growing a dozen types of organic garlic.

Interesting Area Links

Klickitat Trail Conservancy
Birding in Klickitat County
Back Country Horsemen of Washington
Maryhill Museum

"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.
Live the life you have imagined." ~  Henry David Thoreau

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