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"Behold - I have given you every herb bearing seed

which is upon the face of the Earth and every tree,

in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed;

                                            to you it shall be for meat."   Genesis 1:29

A World Of Cannabis
God is perfect, Man is not.
Man made wiskey, God made pot.

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Cannabis Friendly Countries

Cannabis prohibition has made posession of Cannabis illegal in most countries since the late 1930's.  That was then, this is now, and now the world of Cannabis legislation is changing faster than anyone could have imagined.

Don't assume for a second that the recent personal Cannabis use legalization in  Washington   and  Colorado   has changed the world.  Not yet.

There must surely be massive confusion as the world watches to see what happens next, since it was North American who initiated Marijuana Prohibition, wasted billions of dollars, made millions of people criminals, campaigned hard and ruined lives with the war on drugs for decades.

What irony, Karma and a twist of fate that American is now leading the charge, back peddling to it's original Cannabis heritage and now the first country to recapture it's Cannabis Roots!

Our Founding Fathers were Cannabis Farmers!

Cannabis was so important as a medicinal plant, and with numerous industrial uses, that the early American Colonists enacted a Virgina law in 1619 which required hemp production for all farmers.  Hemp comes from the same Cannabis sativa plant, it's not a "distant cousin,"  it is produced from the stalk, while recreational Marijuana and Medical Cannabis are the ripe, dried and naturally cured buds from female Marijuana plants.  Same plant, just different parts.

America is blasting open doors to the multi billion dollar Cannabis Industry!  Former Stoners are now referred to as Marijuana Industry Professionals!

New Canna Businesses are carefully starting, Marijuana Tourism is in it's infancy.  Now is the time to hop on board if you're thinking of starting a Tourism CannaBiz!

"George Washington's diary entries indicate that he grew hemp at Mount Vernon, his plantation, for about 30 years  [approximately 1745-1775].   According to his agricultural ledgers, he had a particular interest in the medicinal use of Cannabis, and several of his diary entries indicate that he   indeed was growing Cannabis with a high Tetrahydrocannabinol  (THC)  content - marijuana."  ~~Robert Deitch Hemp American History Revisited:  The Plant with a Divided History 2003


Volcano Vaporizers by Storz & Bickel

Does Cannabis legalization sound logical, intelligent, make economical sense and sound just too good to be true?  Well, if Cannabis were fully legal and unregulated, like any other natural herb or crop, the prices wouldn't be $12 a gram or over $300 an ounce!  And now Marijuana taxes could double those prices

What the world of Cannabis will look like in five or ten years may be very different than today or next month.  Many countries have chosen to decriminalize Cannabis posession, others turn a blind eye and make Cannabis effectively legal or legal for medicial Marijuana purposes.

Will people someday look back at the absurdity of our multiple thousands of rules and laws?  Will it seem as ridiculous to not be able to smoke Ganja in public as it would be to ban taking medication in public view?  or consuming a Cannabis medicated Brownie?

Times change, laws change and people's reactions change.  For now exercising extreme caution in public or keeping your personal Cannabis use private will help keep you out of trouble.

To verify the current status of a particular country check with  Wiki   or the consulate general of that country.  Don't just pack your stoner gear and head off to a supposed Ganja Friendly destination based on what you've read or heard.

Experience can be a very brutal teacher.  And there are nasty prison terms, and vile prisons, that could catch the unsuspecting Ganja Tourist off guard.  A Pot Friendly vacation can be fantastic, but it's not worth risking your freedom, is it?

Websites are starting to pop up featuring Ganja friendly countries, Ganja tours, or select hotels or places that are considered to be pot friendly.  There are Ganja friendly destinations and most Canbnabis friendly countries.

If you thought the Marijuana laws were wild and crazy in states where Marijuana is legal, get ready for a real roller coaster ride trying to keep track of stoner friendly cities in the world of Cannabis.

Most Cannabis Friendly Countries

(Profiles for 31 countries being updated, thanks for checking back!)

New Zealand

How we've slipped from those earlier enlightened times when Cannabis was the world's leading crop, to the dismal state of falsehoods spread about this herbal plant today is a twisted, winding true tale of intrigue, lies and special interests which include William Randolph Hearst, Dupont Chemicals, Timber and petroleum interests.  Research and discover the truth yourself, not from any one source, the government or law enforcement.

We can anticipate a stormy battle over this natural medicinal plant for some time to come.

Doesn't it becomes increasingly contradictory, and unsustainable, for the US to justify sanctions against states or countries under the pretext of the global drug war?

Until Cannabis prohibition, Cannabis was considered one of the most important medicinal plants with amazing healing properties.  It still is today.

Do you have any great stories to share?

If you are familiar with any legal Marijuana businesses, hotels, resorts, tour packages, lounges, we'd love to hear about your experiences!

UPDATE:  Feb 27, 2013  Oregon Introduces Adult Pot Legislation

how to grow a cannabis plant

     NOTE:  Several things are clear:

     *   Washington and Colorado want a prosperous Pot Industry
     *   Other states are gearing up for pot initiatives faster than you can spark one
     *   There will be many new Marijuana business opportunities
     *   Populations will vote with their feet
     *   The US Economy is about to be on fire
     *   We already have a successful Medical Marijuana Industry
     *   The citizens demand, and have won, recreational use of pot
     *   The use of Marijuana cat is out of the bag
     *   If you're going to be a player and navigagte the obstacles you can pay for legal help or get the best  Self Help possible

" "The Jamestown settlers brought the marijuana plant, commonly known as hemp, to North America in 1611, and throughout the colonial period, hemp fiber was an important export. Indeed, in 1762, 'Virginia awarded bounties for hemp culture and manufacture, and imposed penalties on those who did not produce it.'" Bernard Segal, PhD Perspectives on Drug Use in the United States

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Under the current FDA laws in the united States, it is illegal to make any medical claims for any health supplement or any other natural product.  Remember cultivation of Marijuana, use of Medical Marijuana, importation of marijuana seeds with the intention of growing Marijuana or using it is illegal in some countries and many states.  While Marijuana seeds, and other items associated with the use of Marijuana, are sold as souvenirs and shipped to any country in the world, your importation of the seeds could be considered a criminal offense for which there could be severe criminal consequences.  Check laws within your own country.

Medical Marijuana has been legal in numerous states within the united States for many years and recreational use of Marijuana is now legal in Washington and Colorado, since winning by initiative November 6, 2012.  The federal government of the united States still considers Marijuana a controlled substance and illegal in all states.  Laws change continuously and our intention is to stay abreast of all appropriate laws and provide a compilation of information for novelty purposes only, we do not intend to persuade, induce, intimate or condone anyone breaking any laws, nor does this information pertain to any other substance than Marijuana.

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