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"Behold - I have given you every herb bearing seed

which is upon the face of the Earth and every tree,

in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed;

                                            to you it shall be for meat."   Genesis 1:29

A World Of Cannabis
God is perfect, Man is not.
Man made wiskey, God made pot.

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Cannabis Friendly Peru

Cannabis use laws are changing quickly around the world.  Pot smoking, in some areas, may be tolerated or decriminalized for natives, but a harsher view may be applicable for Cannabis tourists.

Peruvian prisons are less than elegant, to avoid them as a Cannabis tourist, it's important to understand the distinctions for Cannabis use in Peru.  Cannabis possession is legal for personal use, but the amounts are regulated.

In Peru it's legal to own UP TO eight grams  (.28 oz)  of Cannabis for personal use.  The catch is as long as you don't also possess any other drug.  That is a fairly broad interpretation, does that mean a small bit of Hash and a little Cannabis possession both combined under 8 grams total could label you as a drug trafficker?


South American Peyote is legal and used in ancient spiritual rituals, could it count as possession of a second drug if you are already in possession of Cannabis?  Is it worth finding out first hand?

Cannabis is readily available in Peru and smoking pot on the streets is common in some areas, however, it is never advised that a Ganja tourist flaunt the rules, or perhaps misunderstand them.

The Peruvian law pertaining to drug possession is:

The law is No. 28002,  "Articulo 299"  Posesion no punible

"No es punible la posesion de droga para el propio e inmediato consumo, en cantidad que no exceda de cinco gramos de pasta basica de Cocaina, dos gramos de clorhidrato de Cocaina, ocho gramos de marihuana o dos gramos de sus derivados, un gramo de latex de opio o doscientos miligramos de sus deriva dos."

Translated as:  "Possession of drugs for immediate and personal use is not punishible, for quantities not exceeding five grams of base Cocaine, two grams of Cocaine hydrocholoride, eight grams of Marijuana or two grams of it's derivatives, a gram of opium latex or two hundred milligrams of it's derivatives."

If you have more than one drug it is considered a crime, irresepctive of the total quantity.  According to the Peruvian Criminal Code, small scale drug possession of more than one drug can bring a prison term of up to eight years.


What About  Coca Leaf?


NOTE:  You can buy Coca leaf tea at Amazon!  Apparently you are able to buy a limited amount.  According to   Wiki  Coca tea is illegal in the United States unless it is decocainized.  Similar to decaffeination in coffee, coca tea can be decocainized.  Just like decaffeinated coffee does retain a minute quantity of caffeine, decocainized coca tea will still contain a minute quantity of organic coca alkaloids.

Tourist are surprised to find Coca leaf tea and Coca leaves readily available in Peru, as well as other South American countries.  Even hotels will give their guests Coca leaf tea to combat altitude sickness.

Coca is an important cash crop for Peru and has played significant medicinal, spiritual and traditioal roles in the Andean cultures for around 8,000 years.  Coca leaf is not Cocaine.  Cocaine is manufactured by man using toxic chemicals, while God created Coca, a natural herbal plant, to benefit mankind.

Nutrient rich Coca leaves have been chewed or consumed in tea by the indigenous populations for thousands of years.  Coca leaves are safe and non addictive in their natural form. The use of Coca leaf in Peru has never been criminalized and the traditional uses are still enjoyed.  In Peru, you'll be able to find Coca leaves openly sold in pharmacies, supermarkets and open food markets.  You can buy as much Coca leaf tea and Coca leaves as you want legally and enjoy them while in Peru.

It is illegal to transport Coca leaves, Coca tea or other Coca based products into many countries, including the US.  Well, it's illegal for you and me, but quite legal for the Coca Cola company, who convinced the US Government to grant them an exemption to Coca leaf importation.   The U.S. Code of Federal Regulations lists Coca leaves as a Schedule II substance.  You could face up to 40 years in prison if you try to import Coca into the US.

Coca Medicinal Benefits

Even before the Incas, Coca leaves were appreciated and used in poultices and herbal infusions called Mate.  There are more and more Coca products coming into the commercial market in South America.

  • Headaches
  • Altitude sickness
  • Stomach problems
  • Relieves aches and pains
  • Helps with arthritis
  • Stimulant to fight fatigue
  • Relieves exhaustion
  • Helps heal wounds and open sores
  • Beneficial during childbirth
  • High calcium content aids in bone fractures
  • Stops bleeding by constricting blood vessals
  • Believed to increase longevity
  • Aids in digestion
  • Excellent painkiller
  • Rich in essential nutrients

  • Coca Nutritional Benefits

  • High calcium content
  • Rich in potassium
  • High content of Vitamins B1, B2, C and E
  • Rich in protein and fiber


    What About Coca Cola?

    Coke's name was derived from Coca, the plant and from Kola, the nut on which the flavor is based.  It's easy to search and discover that Coca Cola did containe Cocaine in it's original formula.  Here is a 1988 article by the  New York Times,  revealing this interesting Coca information.  Coca Cola once contained about nine milligrams of Cocaine per glass.  That was halted in 1903.  After 1904, the Coca Cola company began using Coca leaves considered waste by products from the medical Cocaine extraction process.


    Peru is an amazing, beautiful country, rugged with everything from Macchu Picchu to the Amazon, beaches and Incan ruins to entertain any Marijuana Tourist.

    Cannabis vacations in Peru could be fantastic, keep your legal limits in mind, don't have more than two drugs at a time, enjoy the Coca and stop to inhale the incredible ancienthistory.

    Peru is also one of the 65 countries that has participated in the Global Marijuana March since 1999.  Dana Beal, the legendary Pot Activisit started this event which has become truly global.  Held the first Saturday in May, or around that time, thousands of happy stoners, Marijuana activists and a broad spectrum of people, in cities around the world, take to the streets to make their presence known in support of Marijuana legalization, leaving behind them clouds of Cannabis smoke!   Global Cannabis March  a day when the world comes together to celebrate Cannabis!

    The Global Marijuana March is known by many other names, such as Million Marijuana March, World Cannabis Day, Ganja Day, Million Blunts March or Beal called it, the Spring Offensive.  It has attracted more than 750 cities since 1999, time your Ganja vacation right and you could join them this year, maybe in your own town!

    What is everyone drinking out of a  Gourds   or Thermos?  Learn about the world of   Yerba Mate!

    Yerba Mate History

    Mate Health Benefits

    Acai Yerba Mate


    Volcano Vaporizers by Storz & Bickel

    Most Cannabis Friendly Countries

    (Profiles for 31 countries being updated, thanks for checking back!)

    New Zealand

    How we've slipped from those earlier enlightened times when Cannabis was the world's leading crop, to the dismal state of falsehoods spread about this herbal plant today is a twisted, winding true tale of intrigue, lies and special interests which include William Randolph Hearst, Dupont Chemicals, Timber and petroleum interests.  Research and discover the truth yourself, not from any one source, the government or law enforcement.

    We can anticipate a stormy battle over this natural medicinal plant for some time to come.

    Until Cannabis prohibition, Cannabis was considered one of the most important medicinal plants with amazing healing properties.  It still is today.

    Do you have any great stories to share?

    If you are familiar with any legal Marijuana businesses, hotels, resorts, tour packages, lounges, we'd love to hear about your experiences!

    how to grow a cannabis plant

    UPDATE:  Feb 27, 2013  Oregon Introduces Adult Pot Legislation

         NOTE:  Several things are clear:

         *   Washington and Colorado want a prosperous Pot Industry
         *   Other states are gearing up for pot initiatives faster than you can spark one
         *   There will be many new Marijuana business opportunities
         *   Populations will vote with their feet
         *   The US Economy is about to be on fire
         *   We already have a successful Medical Marijuana Industry
         *   The citizens demand, and have won, recreational use of pot
         *   The use of Marijuana cat is out of the bag
         *   If you're going to be a player and navigagte the obstacles you can pay for legal help or get the best  Self Help possible

    What's Happening In Your State or Country?

    Nobody can tell it as well as somebody in the area, are there new laws, customs or other interesting news related to Marijuana legalization that you'd like to share?

    " "The Jamestown settlers brought the marijuana plant, commonly known as hemp, to North America in 1611, and throughout the colonial period, hemp fiber was an important export. Indeed, in 1762, 'Virginia awarded bounties for hemp culture and manufacture, and imposed penalties on those who did not produce it.'" Bernard Segal, PhD Perspectives on Drug Use in the United States

    Sacred Truth Truffle: Artic Chi

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    Medical Marijuana has been legal in numerous states within the united States for many years and recreational use of Marijuana is now legal in Washington and Colorado, since winning by initiative November 6, 2012.  The federal government of the united States still considers Marijuana a controlled substance and illegal in all states.  Laws change continuously and our intention is to stay abreast of all appropriate laws and provide a compilation of information for novelty purposes only, we do not intend to persuade, induce, intimate or condone anyone breaking any laws, nor does this information pertain to any other substance than Marijuana.

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