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which is upon the face of the Earth and every tree,

in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed;

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A World Of Cannabis
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Cannabis Tourism Opened Up in Colorado!

by Tri-Huy
(Amsterdam, the Netherlands)

Cannabis Tourism Opened Up in Colorado!

A black coloured long van with absolutely no markings on it rides on the snow covered roads of Denver. A closer look through the tinted glass windows and you can spot Timothy Vee who stands before the vehicle, talking to a group gathered on an S-curve of a sofa.

And, if you manage to get to hear what he’s saying, you can hear the owner of Colorado Highlife Tours ushering his peers of pot smokers saying -"It's time to get stoned now!"

In the beginning of the tour, the reaction could have been good enough to break the coloured glass pipes that are being passed all around. But a good sitting through a few hours of smoking and taking in Colorado’s fresh legal high, the most anyone can manage to say in a dull “yeah”.

Here, the stoners seldom have fist-pumping cheering or loud outbursts.

But, this did not stop cannabis supporters to let out a loud celebrating whoopee on the 1st of January when the Amendment 64, which allowed non-medical use and legalized marijuana dispensaries to open shop for recreational business, came into effect.

The Public Response

Hordes of dudes all across the state boarders along with visitors to the state and residents (of legal age 21 and above) congregated at retailers. The victory cry was all over the air: “Light up for liberty!”

A woman, who along with her husband, drove all the way into the state over the border to visit a retailer at Pueblo, Colo stated, "We're from Kansas, and we don't have any of these unfortunately!"

Dorothy, a News bulletin stated that right now, none else across the nation has these (not yet but Washington is all set to go next with sales kicking off in June this year) which is why there is a nation-wide interest that has risen, right from the lowest valleys to the highest of peaks.

The Restrictions

For the citizens of Colorado, participating in the pot culture is not very tough; all they would need to do is smoke in the privacy of their homes after buying up to an ounce each visit.

The visitors though will face some hurdles when it comes to the quantity that is allowed to buy (one-fourth an ounce) and there are restrictions levied on the consumption as well which is set by the state and federal laws.

Where is it Banned?

Here are the locations where smoking pot is officially banned

 entertainment venues,
 restaurants,
 bars and hotels
 forests and national parks
 historic sites
 Ski-Mountains and trails
 federal land,
 areas under the Clean Indoor Air Act, and
 Many such public areas.


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Under the current FDA laws in the united States, it is illegal to make any medical claims for any health supplement or any other natural product.  Remember cultivation of Marijuana, use of Medical Marijuana, importation of marijuana seeds with the intention of growing Marijuana or using it is illegal in some countries and many states.  While Marijuana seeds, and other items associated with the use of Marijuana, are sold as souvenirs and shipped to any country in the world, your importation of the seeds could be considered a criminal offense for which there could be severe criminal consequences.  Check laws within your own country.

Medical Marijuana has been legal in numerous states within the united States for many years and recreational use of Marijuana is now legal in Washington and Colorado, since winning by initiative November 6, 2012.  The federal government of the united States still considers Marijuana a controlled substance and illegal in all states.  Laws change continuously and our intention is to stay abreast of all appropriate laws and provide a compilation of information for novelty purposes only, we do not intend to persuade, induce, intimate or condone anyone breaking any laws, nor does this information pertain to any other substance than Marijuana.

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