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Top 10 Reasons That
Santa Is A Stoner

Dec 24, 2012
Source:  Blog post
Reporter:  Monterey Bud

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Rights Act of 2012

I'm pretty sure Santa smokes KGB.  Regardless of whether you refer to him as Santa Claus, St. Nicholas, or the 'jolly old fat guy' in the bright red suit.   Santa Claus epitomizes the same thing to nearly everyone who parties and celebrates during the Christmas and holiday season fun, family and food   (a perfect podium for pot, as opposed to alcohol)!

Santa is celebrated the world over as a kind and caring soul, a giver of chronic gifts and a cultivator of Christmas cheer.

According to today's fractured fairytale of Christmas folklore, the big guy's main focus is making toys for the  "Good little boys and girls"   of the world and dispensing them to those worthy kids in a timely and efficient manner to homes all over the world.   This tradition of benevolence has produced a rather large following of believers.

When taken as a whole, It makes perfect sense, children like toys, right?   And Santa gives a ton of them away, consequently children and adults alike, dig the man in the big red velvet suit.

But Santa does so much more than just give toys away to needy kids, the man cruises around the world in Kushed out style, gliding around the globe in his pimped out sleigh, led by a team of flying reindeer.   Bear in mind this is not your average flying sleigh, this sleigh has the ability to circumnavigate the earth on a single night, while still allowing time for extracurricular activities  (some of which we may not know about).   It is the conclusion of many that Santa accomplishes far more than simply blowing by your house and dumping a few unwanted presents down your chimney.

The Must Try legend.


The main man in red has a mean reputation of making stealth like landings on rooftops worldwide, sneaking down your chimney  (unheard, of course),  and loading up deserving families with killer presents.   Stuffing stockings with nuggets of joy and surrounding the Christmas tree with gifts of affection, just so the little ones can feel that blissed out feeling of love come Christmas morning.

In order to maintain that jolly disposition and can-do attitude, Santa must work hard keep himself in the proper mental space.   Anyone that has ever tried to consume booze during a stressed out family event, say at Christmas time, or while delivering gifts around the world, knows that alcohol is not the way to go.   Combining that with the following 10 items below and I would have to say that it's relatively easy to conclude, Santa must be a Stoner!

1   *  He smokes a pipe.
2   *  Patient with kids.
3   *  He needs lists for everything.
4   *  Once he's checked his lists..he checks it twice.   Santa is a stoner and can't remember who's naughty or nice.
5   *  He loves cookies and milk  (can eat billions in one night).
6   *  His reindeer's can fly..I believe he smokes them out in order to give them that elevated magical feeling.
7   *  Loves to hand out gifts and share, which is just what people want to do when they're high on good weed.
8   *  Digs his soft red Velvet suit:   velvet feels good when you're stoned.
9   *  Seems a little paranoid, never wants to reveal his location or even existence to the world  (doesn't want his customers dropping by unannounced).
10  *  Always smiling, seemingly jolly and filled with laughter  (Santa's stoned and has the giggles)  another admirable trait of getting high.

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"When you return to this mundane sphere from your visionary world,
you would seem to leave a Neapolitan spring for a Lapland winter,
to quit paradise for earth, heaven for hell!
Taste the hashish, guest of mine, taste the hashish!"
Alexander Dumas quote on Marijuana

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